Create a narrative

Why does the learning matter? What creates the need to know?

Click HERE for Case Studies.


e.g. "Ideas save lives", "Eco-Warriors", "Is Australia really the Lucky Country?".
Ideas, video.

eg guest speaker, excursion, simulation game, promotional video (made easily with Animoto), mind map

eg roles, incursion/excursion, space, ongoing simulation, currencies, inquiry or research cycle

e.g. Web publishing (here, here, here and here)

Market Day (here)

Yr 8 French gift to kindy child here.

General Resources on "Project Based Learning"

View an intro to PBL here & explore the Buck Institute's PBL guide here, UK Innovation Unit's guide here & Apple's Challenge Based Learning here

For more ideas, see Lesson PlanetNational STEM Centre and Sample Projects.

An alternate unit planner is here.